Revisiting Old Favorites

I know that the new year is supposed to be a time for new resolutions and new ideas, but sometimes it's just nice to look back at some favorite techniques. Laurie Prophater ( published a great technique using mica powder and alcohol inks several years ago in Belle Armoire Jewelry. Ann Dillon (with Laurie's permission) shared it with me a couple of years after that, and it's become one of my favorites - so when I spent the afternoon with Steph of @dewittbeadandwire on Friday, it was one of the first techniques I wanted to show her. Sometimes the old favorites are just the best.


Laurie Prophater's precious metals technique - from lower right: deeply embossed clay is lavishly tinted with mica powders and alcohol inks; resulting sheet is rolled out; and (my addition) the final sheet is silkscreened or stenciled. This sheet will become the interior for a decorative bowl.